Undra is an experimental Web3 game, in development.

It’s made for the new wave of game designers: players who explore and improve the worlds around them. It is built in the open, and aims for new types of play.

It will make mistakes.

Undra started in late 2021 with an initial launch of “Founders Rooms”. Its goal was to build an MMO that could act as a research hub for Web3 adoption.

After the crypto winter of 2022, we had to change our plans. The project was wound down for a while, awaiting a reboot in 2023. That’s where we are now.

There’s a reduced team (starting with just me - Sazerac) which requires a totally new approach.

Undra’s Goals

1. Discover unique gameplay

We believe that Web3 games are not normal games with tokens added on top. Instead, we can find new gameplay that Web3 now makes possible. Things like:

  • Autonomous agents, living worlds.
  • Decentralised collaboration and governance.
  • Player participation and control.

Undra will feel quite different to most games. It would be pointless to create a traditional game with Web3 elements on top, so we need to aim for something different.

2. Inspire new game designers

Consider the community around a game like Roblox. With the right tooling, players become creators. That’s Undra’s goal. Build a framework for play, while introducing people to experimentation and design.

3. Stay lightweight

As we talk about above, Undra won’t be a normal game. Instead it’s trying to be a platform to experiment with new rules and mechanics. To do this it needs to stay small and experimental.

It will have very basic graphics for a while, it will probably change direction a few times. The most interesting results will come from the community, only if Undra is light enough to be remixed and modified.

4. Build in the open

Undra aims to be open for a few reasons:

  • The project can’t stand alone. It needs to multiply the efforts of others. It shouldn’t be built in secret.
  • We want to give insight into the process and challenges of shipping a new product.
  • We want to have fun on the internet, with friends.