Dive into the shadowy world of the Dauntless Mining Corporation and explore the frontier of their latest excavation project.

Undraverse was an interactive story that set the stage for our founders sake.

Founders Sale

Our first set of NFTs are a collection of secure, locked rooms, that have been abandoned underground by the Dauntless Excavations company.

Explore and purchase on OpenSea.

Consumables Airdrop

Our first airdrop for deed holders was supplies of Turktato Paste and Grog issued on the Polygon network.


Explore the principles behind Undra, the pillars of gameplay and economy design that guide the project.

Governance Release

The first playable release. Deed holders will decide the future of Undra and work together to unlock the 3 layers of rooms in the depths of Undra.

NFT Upgrade

A story-driven upgrade as the players delve down into the mines. Optional for holders who take part in governance.

Command Release

The first layer of gameplay, unlocked as governance players reach the mine's top-level strategic locations: Command Rooms.

Store Release

The next layer of gameplay, focussing on technical advancements, industry, and item management. Unlocked when governance players reach the Store Rooms.

Site Release

The final layer. The full world of Undra is now open, with players free to carve out their industrial empires and explore the depths below.