Cynthia Mitimbe presents Emiko Tatsumi with a piece of glaring evidence: a photograph of the bootprint on her desk.

Ill-Fated Expedition

Chapter 9

Emiko Tatsumi

I can explain everything...

I know this all looks suspicious. And there will be time for apologies later, but right now you’re just gonna have to trust me.

I’ve analyzed the bomb that busted up the ArachNaut. My first suspect was Wyatt, because, well… it’s Wyatt. The explosion was pretty weak though; barely enough to blast out the windows. Closer examination showed that not all of the gunpowder ignited - it was wet. If Wyatt was gonna blow something up he would’ve blown it to smithereens. This reads more like a bad cover-up.

Taking apart the ArachNaut yielded far more questions than answers. I still don’t know what happened to Greyson Clough. Based on the surveillance intel and piles of empty ration wrappers onboard, he spent the last few weeks camped out in the damned thing just watching us. Not just the town, either. There was some pretty advanced technology - full readouts of the tunnel mapping, even up-to-date expedition progress.

It would all be pretty exciting if it weren’t for one big issue: the expedition has gone off course. They’re headed straight for a massive methane pocket - and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what happens when you run gas-lamp first into a cavern filled with flammable gas. They have no idea they’re walking into a deathtrap. I’d bet anything that Greyson is somehow involved.

I think I know of a way to warn them in time, but… it’s risky. This will sound crazy, but Undra is home to so many things that we just don’t understand yet. The stuff Bill keeps talking about - the creatures he’s seen… those bumps in the night that we’ve all felt at one point or another. They’re not just your imagination playing tricks on you. They’re real.

I can tell you aren’t convinced… look, I think they’ve used the crystals to broadcast their signal into our minds - and I’m pretty sure I can replicate it. It’s the only way we have of getting a message to them before they all die in a fiery wreck.

The only thing is… I don’t really know what that might do to everyone else on the island. Using the crystals like this - “opening” the channels, so to speak - could be what finally pushes people over the edge.

It’s a tough decision… but I can’t make it alone.

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There’s no way of knowing that this will work the way we want it to - but if it does, we’ll be opening the door to a whole new world of long-range communications! And saving lives, of course.

Warn the Crew

Using the crystals to broadcast a message that far could let in something… dark. I would never willingly let my crew walk into certain death, but if it means putting more lives at risk, then, maybe… ugh! There’s no right choice here.

Protect the Town

A Wayward Warning


Cynthia Mitimbe

Penned by: Cynthia Mitimbe, Atlas Enquirer*

As one race comes to a close another one begins - the race to save the very lives of the crew before their imminent demise!

The deedholders have voted with their hearts, choosing to send a warning signal to stop the expedition before they reach a pocket of volatile gas that would ignite immediately on contact with the lanterns carried by the crew. Resident tinkerer Emiko Tatsumi was first to make the grave discovery that the expedition to free the mysterious Voices was on a course to their certain deaths.

The message, to be relayed via the many crystals within Undra, has been broadcast on repeat for the last hour. While there’s no way to be certain the message will reach them in time - if at all - it is certain that something must be done - and fast!

While there’s no sign yet of the still missing Greyson Clough, it’s believed that a member of the expedition may have aided in his escape. As no motive has been discovered yet, it’s still unclear whether or not this crew member is helping Mr. Clough against their own free will. More details regarding this investigation will be revealed to the public as they become available.

In oethr nnws, complaints of light-haadedness and nausea have been... haev beben... feeling nauseated... maay lose consciousne—

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