Odette Daunton holds the leashes of an eel-man and badly beaten Oren Larchmont.

High Risk, High Society

Chapter 15

Odette Daunton

Here’s an interesting tidbit...

The venom secreted by the Strophidon Sapiens, while downright lethal to you or myself - is a potent salve when applied to the creature.

I’ve brought one along from my own personal collection just for the occasion. Just like daddy always said, “if you want something done right, bring in an expert.”

You’ll also be happy to notice that I’ve returned Larchmont, as promised, mostly intact. He was rather forthcoming. In fact, I think you’ll find that he’s even more agreeable now than before. Now that I’ve gotten what I require, I must say, I’m deeply pleased with the budding relationship between us. In a place as cruel as this - where the lawlessness of man and nature are in a constant tug of war - goodwill is the only true currency, don’t you think? Neighborliness is, after all, close to godliness.

With neighborliness in mind, the plateau remains home to a few eccentric holdouts - the old guard of Dauntless, so to speak. As it turns out, they see you deedholders as something of a threat. That could work out well for us both…I’m sure you can already see where I’m headed.

Thanks to my social standing - and my family name - I was allowed to operate with a certain amount of… autonomy before Dauntless’ quick departure. I’ve since had to move my work away from prying eyes, and frankly, I’ve grown bored of secrecy.

My offer is simple: allow me to continue my work - unquestioned and uninterrupted - and I’ll act as your emissary to the plateau, introducing you to Undra’s high society. And, should a spare worker or two disappear from time to time, you’ll simply look the other way and continue to enjoy all of the benefits that come along with being in my good graces.

I expect your answer within the week.

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Allow me to continue my work and I shall introduce you to the finer side of the island - and maybe help me clean up a few bodies along the way…

Ally with Odette

I won’t force your hand, I’m a reasonable woman. But you should know that you’ll have little luck meeting the high society without my help…

Oppose Odette

Deal with the Devil


Cynthia Mitimbe

Penned by: Cynthia Mitimbe, Atlas Enquirer*

In a complete turnaround of character, deedholders have voted once again to pander to Odette Daunton - a known torturer. Life on Undra seems to have hardened the hearts of the latest arrivals; a trend we’re all too familiar with.

In another resounding result deedholders have chosen to ally with Ms. Daunton, despite her flagrant admission that she uses violent methods in pursuit of her “work”.

Even Oren Larchmont, in spite of his recent ordeal at her hands - has been extolling her virtues. The former Dauntless dogsbody seems caught in a loop of awe, perhaps brought about by injuries inflicted upon him by Odette. Even by his own slimy standards, the sweat beading on his brow threatens to drown the caterpillars he keeps for eyebrows. When asked to comment on what exactly occurred within the confines of Odette’s cabin he simply repeats “just a lot of lovely little fuss, nothing more!”

It’s clear that Ms. Daunton will go to any lengths to accomplish her goals, including torture!

Based on her recent “deal”, this reporter is beginning to suspect that Ms. Daunton’s “work” has been taking place under our noses for some time. Since deedholders arrived on the island, at least six workers have vanished without a trace. Although initially written off as misadventures in the mines, a growing number of Undrans now believe that these workers were abducted. Emiko Tatsumi, a close friend and colleague of one of the missing workers, had this to say:

“I didn’t know ‘em all, but I did know Carmine Russo pretty well, he supplied me with lubricant for my machinery. I don’t think for a minute he went into the mine alone, he was too smart for that. Carmine knew how dangerous the tunnels are, something happened to him!”

I spoke about the disappearances briefly to Ms. Daunton when she returned with Larchmont.

“I couldn’t possibly say where those workers have got to, they probably high-tailed it off the island, or perhaps encountered some of its more… interesting fauna. I’m not reckless, but I will do whatever it takes in pursuit of my destiny my dear. I’m merely a woman on a mission, I thought you of all people would understand!”

Having consulted with Tatsumi, we’ve decided to do a daily head-count, keeping records of who’s here has never been more important.

The Atlas Enquirer* will continue to bring you the latest news, as it happens.

*Undran Local affiliate

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