two images, the first of an arachnid-shaped building. The second image is of a broken down and overgrown.

Gods and Machines

Chapter 16

Oren Larchmont

I have a message f-f-from Ms. Daunton...

Such a lovely young woman, isn’t she? S-so... merciful. Ms. Daunton has asked me to inform you that she has taken the necessary preparations to introduce you to the high society.

Ms. Daunton would also like m-m-me to inform you that she expects our end of the bargain to be upheld immediately. She says there is to be a culling over the c-coming weeks. One we’re expected to turn a b-blind eye to.

I would never question your… impeccable judgement, but are you certain this is in our best interest? Right. N-n-not your place to comment, Larchmont, you old fool!

Now, as for the high society, you’ll have to decide who it is you’d like to meet first. At the east side of the plateau is The Arch-Emanator Altero de Stesso, high priest of the Church of the Hallowed Brilliance. Bit of a holy roller, if the title didn’t give it away.

Ms. Daunton says he’s stumbled into mastering the art of horticulture. The church’s glass ceilings were built to “let in the light”, turned out to be the p-perfect greenhouse. The lack of maintenance on the plateau has left the Church a tad overgrown, might be a bit of a safari tracking down Altero.

The west end of the plateau is occupied by Elena Vezérel. You’ll recall our previous “interaction” with Elena, convincing us to hand her own spy right back to her! Elena has been up to that sort of skullduggery since her arrival. According to Odett- I mean Ms. Daunton! Larchmont you blithering idiot cut out your vile tongue! Please, you mustn’t tell Ms. Daunton of my transgression…

Elena’s laboratory is bound to be laden with traps. Ms. Daunton has had difficulty making contact in the past; she suggests using t-t-tact and caution when approaching.

S-so, my d-dear deedholder, what shall I tell Ms. Daunton?

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Could be d-dangerous, but she may be able to give us some answers on why she was spying on us for so long. She could have valuable information!

Meet Elena Vezérel

If we could learn how Altero has grown such a lush garden of Eden we would want for little more ever again!

Meet Altero de Stesso

The Madame's Machinations


Cynthia Mitimbe

Penned by: Cynthia Mitimbe, Atlas Enquirer*

Results are in, and deedholders have once again resolved to make contact with renowned inventor Elena Vezérel. Known also as the Arachnid, her whereabouts have been unknown since the explosion that ripped through the docks weeks ago.

It’s a bold choice to approach Ms. Vezérel, a known spy. While she clearly has an agenda, it’s patently unclear what that agenda is. What is clear is that she possesses considerably more information than us: it was her mapping equipment that alerted us to the expedition’s near-fatal collision course with the gas pocket, and her communications device that allowed us to warn the crew.

Evidence so far suggests that Ms. Vezérel’s faction - the Arachnid - is in opposition to Leviathan’s military flotilla that continues its blockade of Undra. We can only hope that the age-old adage holds true, and that the enemy of our enemy truly does become our friend.

Ms. Daunton shared Elena’s location, while admitting that even she had difficulty in making contact with Vezérel. In a stark warning, she encouraged deedholders to approach the Arachnid with “tact and caution” - suggesting significant danger in making contact with the elusive inventor.

In other news, the daily headcount continues. One person - Lora Harker - hasn’t been seen for two days, though previous behaviour suggests she may be foraging. The Atlas Enquirer* urges Ms. Harker to make herself known as a matter of urgency.

As ever, The Atlas Enquirer* continues to bring you the latest news from Undra, as it happens!

*Undran Local Affiliate

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