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Hello and welcome! This is a series of posts that will take you behind the scenes of Undra how we’re building this studio and game.

For those who don’t know me yet - I’m Alex / @Sazerac_eth. I’m the director of Studio Decent, the team behind Undra. If you’d like to subscribe to updates, you can join the Discord or follow us on Twitter. And don’t forget to check out part 1 and part 2.

The sale starts on December 1st

The launch dates are locked in. Sales will start at 1pm (GMT/UTC) on December 1st, and be open for 24 hours.

If you aren’t familiar with our launch process, it works like this:

  • Register an account (do this now -
  • At 1pm on November 30th (24hours before launch), pack reservations will open.
  • At 1pm on December 1st you will receive a pack allocation based on demand, then you have 24hours to pay for this allocation. There’s no ordering or gas competition, you can pay anytime in that slot to get your packs.
  • After the purchase window closes (at 10pm on December 2nd) you can see and open your packs on the website, starting the shipping process.
  • Your NFTs will be shipped within 72 hours.

NFT allocations are finalised

We are minting 15,000 rooms, total. 8000 are being released in this sale in 4000 packs of 2. From that total mint, 10% is being kept by the team for team rewards, marketing and promotions. The remaining cards will be slowly released in future packs and community events.

NOTE: These rooms are never being minted again. This founders sale is the best way for you to pick some up directly.

The rooms come in 3 tiers of pack: Miner (0.02Ξ), Explorer (0.1Ξ) and Overseer (0.2Ξ). They all contain 2 NFTs of different rarities.

Different pack tiers available in the Undra Founders' Sale

The art is being finalised this week

As I said above, the Founders Sale is made up of 8000 locked, secure rooms.

These are locations that the Dauntless Mining Company established, secured, and then abandoned in their haste to leave the mines of Undra. Information on these rooms is scarce, though there are rumours of extensive archives within Dauntless that have not yet been made public.

So far there appear to be three types of room, designated Site, Store, or Command.

Beyond that, each room has been given a security classification of 1 to 4 stars. Precisely what these designations mean is going to require some more research…

Sites are the most common room, and are the locations in Undra where physical mining or exploration was taking place. You’ll notice a series of Dauntless symbols on the doors explaining the dangers within.

Stores are less common but still plentiful. They are the vital refuelling and resupply points spaced around the mines. These are critical for anyone who wants to run a serious operation in the hostile environment of Undra.

Command rooms are the logistics backbone of the whole operation. Most rare, these are reserved in positions of strategic importance, where executives can relax and oversee the workers below.

If you’d like more information on these rooms, look out for the Undra Interview on Twitter next week.


As always, keep an eye Discord and Twitter. See you next week!

🥃 Sazerac

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