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Hello and welcome! This is a series of posts that will take you behind the scenes of Undra and explain how we are building this studio and game. (For those who don’t know me yet - I’m Alex / @Sazerac_eth. I’m the director of Studio Decent, the team behind Undra. If you’d like to subscribe to updates, you can join the Discord or follow us on Twitter)

As a foreword: if you haven’t read our first news post - check it out now for the backstory. You should also read our art preview for information on the NFTs themselves. A collection of 10,000 locked doors buried deep in the earth, being auctioned off by the fictional Dauntless Excavations Company.

One of rarer "Rooms" in the sale. One of rarer “Rooms” in the sale.

Why are we running an NFT sale?

We’re a brand new studio, and that presents challenges. First of all, money! We need to pay our team. Secondly, we need a player base and community, otherwise there isn’t much for our team to work towards.

We’re extremely excited about the future of Web3 gaming, and so an NFT sale feels like the ideal way to achieve both of these goals. We can seed early ownership of game assets amongst our fans, who in turn are helping to fund the next stage of development. This first sale is designed to be early access — a small, low-priced sale for early supporters — and it will take place in the 2nd half of November.

This leads us to something very important — how the funds will be used.

Undra launch proceeds

One important point: We are a normal indy game studio. We are incorporated in the UK. I’m the CEO and director of the studio, with 15 years of gaming and startup experience. My identity is known (check out my twitter for a link to my doxxed bio), the team of ~20 are mostly people I’ve worked with before or know personally through my network and no-one is anonymous inside the team.

Because we’re trying to build a long-term studio, 100% of the sale proceeds go to the studio itself, there are no cuts out of the primary sales, not even to me.

There’s one exception to this - we will be offering employee bonuses after successful sale events. This is going to be a small portion of the proceeds (likely 5-10%), distributed as a performance bonus to the team. The reason for this is simple: we’re building a team of incredibly talented people, and any one of them could go off and run solo projects if they wanted to. We’re trying to make it rewarding, fun, and financially obvious to work as part of our team instead of going alone. (Of course we have a much larger strategy around this including the usual salaries, benefits, and stock options).

A more common, low-security room. A more common, low-security room.

The three pillars of a good launch

Because we’re aiming to build a solid studio, with long-term supporters, this means we are thinking carefully about how to run this sale, and we’ve come up with 3 core principles:

  • Ensure our players get access. This means strong anti-bot measures, and priority for everyone who has been involved with the community so far. If demand is extremely high, have ways to spread the NFTs more thinly instead of allowing a few whales to buy them all up.
  • Prevent a gas war. These are shitty for our NFT buyers, and the broader Ethereum community. (And as far as I’m concerned, this is the bare minimum that projects should be reaching for, gas wars hurt everybody)
  • Provide fair distribution. This means the NFTs are distributed randomly and fairly, without even the Undra team knowing the exact combination. It also means that we want to give everyone a chance

We’re going to be publishing more information on each of these steps in the next few days, but we’re big fans of how Parallels have been running PR[SYS] (❤️) and it’s likely to be quite similar to that approach.

Please note: everything listed below is NOT final, and we might change any of the details. To stay up to date with the latest news, follow us on Twitter and Discord.

Step 1 - Register for an Undra account

Do this now. Registrations are open on https://undra.game

This will be the main location for information about your NFTs, applications, minting instructions, etc. This account will become more and more useful as the game starts to roll out. It will require an email, password, connected wallet, and connected Discord account.

We require a discord connection to help ensure that players in the community have first access instead of bots.

Step 2 - Apply for your NFTs

⏰. Applications will open at 1pm UTC on November 30th and will be open for 24 hours. Create your account at https://undra.game to get ready.

Registered accounts can apply for as many NFTs as they want. These NFTs will be sold in 3 packs at different price tiers (to be announced soon), and will contain a random selection of NFTs.

The important thing is, after applications have finished: we will allocate packs based on demand*.*

For example if you apply for 10 packs, and we have massive demand, instead of denying your application we will lower your allocation instead. Depending on demand this might mean you get offered 8 packs, or 5, or just 1.

Step 3 - Purchase your allocation

⏰. This will happen after applications close, starting at 1pm UTC on December 1st and will be open for 24 hours.

We will allocate packs to you based on demand, this will be up to the total you applied for. Via your Undra account, you will have 24 hours to pay for your NFTs. If you don’t complete the transaction in this time, your allocation will be cancelled and given to the next people in the queue.

Payment will be in Ether, via a smart contract and Web3 app inside your Undra account. Get your wallets warmed up.

Concept art for an artefact from Dauntless. This also appeared as one of the clues in Season 1 of [Undraverse](https://undra.game/undraverse/) - our interactive story that explains the lore behind this NFT sale. Concept art for an artefact from Dauntless. This also appeared as one of the clues in Season 1 of Undraverse - our interactive story that explains the lore behind this NFT sale.

A double-blind shuffle

To ensure fairness in how the cards are distributed amongst the packs, all metadata will remain unpublished until AFTER all the packs have been sold. This might take up to 48 hours after the purchase phase occurs. We will publish a pre-launch providence hash which proves the NFT ordering, and that we haven’t changed anything during the sale.

We will also be doing a post-sale shuffle of all metadata, seeded with data from a pre-defined Ethereum block. This guarantees that even the Undra team won’t know the final order of cards, so there is zero chance of any packs being distributed unfairly.

As will all these plans, we will publish more in-depth information as we get closer to launch. All of this is being built with the aim of providing a fair and smooth launch for our early community, and we would love to hear any issues or feedback you have - just @ me in Discord.

See you next time,
🥃 Sazerac

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